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A record of my appearances in published media and/or the news.  Online articles and interviews are at the bottom of this page.

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Seven Questions (More or less) (01.04.11) at Bongo Comics
A procession of countless demons (12.24.10) at Daily Yomiuri Online
SDCC 09 Preview: Nina Matsumoto, “Yokaiden” (07.20.09) at Pop Culture Zoo
Interview: Nina Matsumoto (03.21.09) at
IWW Interview with spacecoyote (03.09.09) at deviantART
The Art of Fandom (03.03.09) at The Escapist
Hot Topic Likes Your Art So Much… They’re Selling It! (09.30.08) at The Consumerist
The Simpsonzu, by Space Coyote (01.08.07) at ABC News Online