"Ayla's Charm" at PAX Prime art show

“Ayla’s Charm” at PAX Prime art show

“Ayla’s Charm” is my piece for the Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode art show during PAX Prime, a Seattle video game convention happening this weekend.

The theme of the show is anything video games related involving ♥. I chose to depict Ayla’s “Charm” tech in Chrono Trigger. She blows a kiss and the enemy gives her a present — a unique twist to the “steal” command commonly seen in role-playing games. You can see it in this video (0:28 mark). And then she beats them up, because she’s Ayla and Ayla is awesome.

Prints will be sold at the show, and so will a ton of other great pieces by great artists. Get your tickets to the show at Fangamer!

Ayla's Charm