I want books!

The Wonderful World of Lisa Simpson

Yokaiden and Zuko’s Story are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters and many other discerning book & comic shops! For Simpsons, stop by Bongo Comics for digital downloads,  TFAW Comics for physical books, or your local comic shop.

Comic anthologies featuring my work are available for online purchase on the publishers’ sites:

Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa – $20 Paperback  Buy Now

Waterlogged: Tales from the Seventh Sea – $25 Hardcover, $3 PDF ebook  Buy Now

I want T-shirts & prints!

Here are all the sites that carry products I designed.

My main store! Indie-game shirts and other game-related merchandise like prints and keychains.
The Yetee
Your one-stop shop for my Games Done Quick charity shirts.
A print-on-demand store where I upload silly designs that don't fit anywhere else.
Meat Bun
They carry some of my game-inspired tarot card style shirts.