"CFFT: Asia Edition" Kickstarter launched

“CFFT: Asia Edition” Kickstarter launched

The Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Asia Edition Kickstarter is live!

For this anthology of classic asian tales, I wrote and drew a 16-page adaptation of Miminashi Hoichi a.k.a. “Hoichi the Earless”. It’s a Japanese story about how a talented blind lute player earned his curious nickname.

The $35k stretch goal unlocks a special print by me!

More details:

Cautionary Fables and Fairytales: Asia Edition is a fairytale comic anthology. It’s the third book in the Cautionary Fables and Fairytales series: Volume 1, Europe, was funded via Kickstarter in 2012, and Volume 2, Africa, was funded in 2014. Both were organized by Kel McDonald of Sorcery 101 and Misfits of Avalon and coedited by her and Kate Ashwin of Widdershins. It’ll be a 250-page long black and white volume of damn awesome comics inspired by tales from China, India, Japan, Tibet, and more!

Featuring the talents of:

Pitch in here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1495959227/cautionary-fables-and-fairy-tales-asia-edition