"Comics in Transit" in Vancouver

“Comics in Transit” in Vancouver

My submission for “Comics in Transit,” a series of comics currently displayed at Vancouver BC bus shelters. I was one of 20 local artists Cloudscape Comics chose to draw a piece about city life around the world. You can see it at Dunbar & 41st.

I knew from the start I wanted to keep mine short, simple, light on text, and show people sleeping on trains in Japan. I then decided to say otsukarésama to hard-working Vancouverites. The expression can take at least a paragraph to fully explain, so it was tough keeping it brief, but I consulted with fellow (award-winning!) Japanese-English translator Zack Davisson to make sure I got the idea across well.

Otsukarésama can be translated a few different ways depending on the context – “thanks for your hard work,” “good job,” or even “hello” – but I wanted to at least show that the word “tired” is in there, since praising one’s fatigue is the theme of this comic.

"Otsukarésama" (2015)

“Otsukarésama” (2015)

Me next to "Otsukarésama" at Dunbar & 41st

Me next to “Otsukarésama” at Dunbar & 41st