short stories

"Isis and the Name of Ra" (2013)

“Isis and the Name of Ra” (2013)

Fantasy – all ages
An ancient Egyptian myth adapted by Toronto writer Cameron Morris. The goddess Isis covets the power of Ra, who rules over sea, earth and sky. She uses trickery to obtain it. Part of Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa Edition, a graphic novel collection of African folklore headed by creator Kel McDonald.
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"Dr. Sarcophagus" cover“Dr. Sarcophagus” (2013-current)

Fantasy/Drama – Rated 13+ for mild violence
Written by Eisner Award-winning writer Ian Boothby. Dr. Sacrophagus isn’t just a simple mummy-man who fights ancient Egyptian monsters from another dimension — he’s a single father of two.
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"Deep Rule" page sample“Deep Rule” (2013)

Fantasy/Horror – Rated 13+ for disturbing themes
Written by Toronto writer Cameron Morris. A Lovecraftian story about a woman’s relationship with her husband who wandered up from the depths of the sea. Part of Waterlogged, a graphic novel anthology from Cloudscape Comics filled with ocean-themed stories created by a shoal of BC artists.
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