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Did you read my Frequently Asked Questions? Your question might be answered there already! If not, you can contact me at:

 email: ★  twitter: @spacecoyotl

Please don’t contact me about T-shirt restocks.
The T-shirt company (like Fangamer) can help you but I cannot.

I’m sometimes too busy to reply to every piece of e-mail I get and there may be a delay in response. Sadly, as a one-person operation, I have my limits. The shorter and more concise your e-mail is, the easier it is for me to answer. Words of appreciation or support are always welcome.

Japanese inquiries: 日本語も喋りますので、質問があればご遠慮なく日本語でメールしてください。

hiring me

If you’d like to discuss a project with me, please contact me at and indicate project type (e.g. shirt design, book cover, poster) and budget. I strongly prefer e-mail over phone.

Please note that I can only take commissions from companies. This means I’m available to draw a comic, illustrate a book cover, design a T-shirt, etc. but can’t draw for you a personalized Simpsons sketch, portrait, or something else of that nature. You can buy my work in various formats, but my schedule is such that I can’t draw you something for your own personal use. Thank you for understanding.

Japanese inquiries: 日本のお仕事の依頼も受け取ります。ご相談はメールでお願いします。