"Save The Animals" shirt for Prevent Cancer Foundation

“Save The Animals” shirt for Prevent Cancer Foundation

Would a space heroine be so cruel as to abandon these fuzzy critters? If she wants to ensure a speedy getaway from an exploding planet, maybe. Wear this Super Metroid shirt if you support saving the animals!

This shirt was designed for Speed Demos Archive and their annual gaming marathon, Awesome Games Done Quick, which raises money for charity. $3 from every shirt sold will go directly to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Only $11 and available until January 11! Get it now at The Yetee!

Watch the marathon live here: SpeedDemosArchive

(Note: you may recall during AGDQ 2013, I did a watercolour every day of the marathon. This design is based on the Super Metroid watercolour I did.)

"Save the Animals" shirt design